Creating Brand Value

Powerful brands can always be defined by the emotional connection people have with them. This connection can be expressed through the pride felt by company employees or the willingness to freely wear, display or advertise the name and symbols that embody the brand. Ultimately brand value is a tangible result of its ability to solve problems, embody personal character and engender powerful emotional responses like,

trust, loyalty, love, passion, integrity, rebellion or confidence. If you were buying shoes for your young son, would you choose the cooler looking Dennis Rodman pair or the not quite as cool looking Grant Hill pair? Perhaps your son would choose the Rodman shoe, not knowing or caring particularly his reputation because he likes the way they make him feel. I know if I were making the purchase, I would choose the Hill shoes.

Developing your Brand Story

Story telling is the way we simplify the complex and crowded world around us. It provides a road map that connects your reason to know with an emotional response. In a book the objective might be to surprise, intrigue, scare, or cheer.  In a restaurant it might be to enjoy a good meal, to excite your sense of taste or to create a memory with friends. For BMW owners it’s the ultimate driving experience.

For Chevy truck owners it’s the father to son heritage that makes Chevy run deep. For Miller Beer it promises that it’s the beer for the everyday guy, the beer of the people and for the people. It’s the American ideal of beers. The common ground here is each brand story simply connects consumers with an emotional reason to buy the product. 

Sales and Communication Tools

Your brand is not made up of a single tag line, logo, web site or brochure, but rather all of the points of contact you make with consumers. Each interaction with consumers either lines up with your brand persona and story or they don’t. Building a powerful brand requires some careful attention to detail connected with a genuinely compelling brand story. Your sales and communication tools are a couple

of the delivery points for your brand: opportunities to make an emotional connection and create or convert a following of believers. It’s also a chance to discipline and train your team to communicate under a singular banner while selling your range of products or services. Let us help with your brochures, Web site, presentations, e-commerce, product/service sheets, etc.

Packaging Design

Packaging design could be what we do to help your product to stand out on store shelves or it could be the organization of materials in a presentation to introduce your company and its services. We can do both. We have over 25yrs experience in the development of such projects which gives us the knowledge and expertise to create solutions

that are produced well, with both costs and impact in mind. We can work up unique graphic solutions that tell clients and consumers about you when you’re not there to do it in person. And for product packaging we can help to design solutions that work as well for shipping, inventory,  and slotting requirements as we do for visual impact.

Web Site Design

Clearly Web sites have taken on a heightened importance in today’s marketing mix. It is the required portal for clients and consumers to get to know you and decide if a purchase is somewhere in the near future. For products it might be an immediate purchase through your e-commerce portal. For service businesses it could be a way of sizing up the company

to see if more time should be invested to meet with you or request a proposal. We can help you organize your Web content, design an engaging look and design for the site, and produce a finished custom site. We can also optimize your site so search engines rank you on the first page or build a fully function e-commerce environment and drive sales.