Idea Lab

All of our clients have great ideas, they just don’t know it yet. We can explore ideation sessions tailored to specific client needs, industry, or desired outcomes that facilitate creative exploration. We ask lots of questions and engage consumers so we better understand what’s most important to them and how you can connect with them.

We have a lot of experience in nutrition and supplement products but our natural curiosity drives us to design solutions for other areas as well, including service branding for companies that want to improve the impact their brand is making, or product companies that want to showcase their product to resellers in a finished consumer presentation.


If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a prototype must be worth a thousand pictures. With our onsite lab, we are able to rapid-prototype so that these concepts do not remain conceptual, but instead bring life, energy and understanding to the new idea. This is done as early on in

the development cycle as possible, to enable proactive, continued improvement upon the initial concept, and to minimize wasted efforts on concepts that do not deliver against the vision.

Intellectual Property

So, now that we’ve got it, let’s protect it. We’re always thinking ahead throughout our development cycle starting with patent exploration. By mapping out what already exists in pending or issued status, we can formulate, design and protect in the open space opportunity.

We file provisional patents as early on as we can, which is the most cost effective method to protect our new concepts and avoid premature public disclosure.


What’s in a name? A lot when it comes to your product. Each product is classified by the government into a category, depending upon how the consumer interacts with it in use. We’ll help you navigate this complex field, and also provide guidance on proper labeling of your product from

Nutritional and Supplement Panels to Ingredient Statements and Product Claims. Disclaimer: We are not attorneys but work with attorneys and recommend that all product packaging and advertising be reviewed by a qualified attorney.