Product Platform Strategy

Develop a product platform strategy that builds on corporate core competencies, drives new product innovation, results in more efficient use of R&D resources, accelerates time to market and increases revenues and profitability. Review portfolio of product platforms to

identify marginal products and obsolete platforms. Identify product platforms with greatest opportunities to increase shareholder value. Examine strategic asset categories that may warrant acquisition or divestiture.

Market Audit

Conduct a New Product Development Audit to assess historical corporate performance in innovation. Identify company’s innovation strengths & weaknesses and develop an innovation plan to address organizational shortfalls and to accelerate innovation processes. One of the most difficult aspects of innovation is to create a process that both stimulates

innovation and creativity, yet ensure there are performance benchmarks and screening criteria so that innovation teams focus the majority of their resources on higher priority projects. Dreamspan can help firms achieve the balance needed.

Market Research

Offer a more contemporary product innovation and related market research approach that places greater emphasis on consumer focus and human centered design thinking. Conduct comprehensive market and consumer assessment, including examination of market trends, demand

drivers, market dynamics, and potential growth barriers. Competitive analysis identifies competitors’ strengths and vulnerabilities, marketing positioning, and technological trends.


Design and implement business-to-business or business-to-consumer e-Commerce programs that drive dramatic increases in online revenue growth. Offer a rich, engaging user experience tailored for your targeted customer audience. Create a professional, customer-friendly web site that strengthens brand positions and convert customers faster and more

cost effectively. Implement strategies to build better content management, grow social media network, and maximize search engine optimization. Make better business decisions with state-of-art web analytics.

Sales Strategy

Develop a sales strategy to maximize distribution and market penetration of new product and service launches. In light of extensive prior experience with successful product launches, Dreamspan has extensive

relationships with a broad base of retail buyers and key distributors who can help the firm develop the most effective distribution strategy and create complementary sales promotion collateral materials.