At DPI we don’t say spend more, we say spend smarter. We strive to maximize the return on each and every advertisement investment dollar. Whether you are advertising a consumer brand or a service, DPI understands the importance of monitoring all advertising medium to ensure a positive ROI. Our clients tell us that they don’t sense the large agency intimidation factor, in fact, our clients tell us that they appreciate

our willingness to work with small and/or fluctuating advertising budgets.
DPI can tailor a grass roots strategy to gain initial momentum as well as a highly coordinated marketing plan that includes TV, radio, print and digital. DPI recognizes advertising budgets have become smaller as retailers have squeezed margins and consumers have become savvy shoppers often searching for the best possible price and value.

Media Buying

DPI purchases media both direct and through large media brokers, if it offers a better purchasing opportunity. At DPI we understand prime time and fringe TV is not always affordable, so we pride ourselves in creating media buying strategies that maximize consumer awareness and lower

the cost to reach your audience. Many years of experience with start-up and emerging growth companies has taught us to put strategy first, then budget follows. We purchase local, national and regional media as needed.

Digital Marketing

Conventional media and digital media need to be carefully directed to the proper demographics and psycho-graphics. Ads, banners and landing pages need to be consistent in design and message with traditional mediums of advertising like TV, radio and print. A single clear message and design transcends best in a multifaceted campaign. At DPI, we believe companies with the greatest transparency coupled with the

most creditable Web site information, win the consumer. We recognize consumers are using the Web for information and validation when interested in a consumer brand or service. Providing the proper content and design in a digital format is critical for creating trust and creditability
between a consumer and a company.

Video Production

DPI has been fortunate to work with some of the best directors, writers, producers and editors in the media production industry. Over the years we have built relationships with what we refer to as the best of the best. Though we love Hollywood, we don’t recommend starting there as it is normally not cost effective. We bring the best professionals to our clients and contract directly with the key players. In fact, it makes the process

fun and engaging. DPI clients have the opportunity to become part of the initial creative and filming process. DPI recognizes no matter how talented the director, producer, camera crew, lighting and acting, it’s the editor that makes or breaks a good production. When it comes to editing we never settle for second best.