Gary Kehoe

chief executive officer

Innovation focused
Co-Inventor / Zicam Cold Remedy
Driven entrepreneur

Jonathan Hall

chief financial officer

Business Geek
President of Harvard Alumni Club
Passionate about public service

Cecile Kehoe

chief operating officer

Our Regulatory Firewall
Always shaking her head at Marketing
M.S. in Physical Chemistry

Ron Pannuzzo


Accomplished Designer
Over 65 Addy Awards


Gary S. Kehoe / Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Kehoe is a seasoned entrepreneur and nationally renowned expert on product innovation, rapid product prototyping and new product launches. Mr. Kehoe is recognized for his unique ability to identify innovative new product concepts and breakthrough technologies and create practical solutions that have resulted in multiple patent applications and successful commercial products. He is an inventor or co-inventor on over 20 U.S. Patents that include new products, processes and equipment. Mr. Kehoe has successfully formulated over a dozen consumer products sold on store shelves. Mr. Kehoe’s background includes over 25 years developing new products within consumer products industry. Prior to founding Dreamspan, Mr. Kehoe held senior management positions for Wm. Wrigley Jr. Company, Gum Tech International, and Nabisco Foods Company.

As CEO and President of Gum Tech, Mr. Kehoe coordinated the successful new product development of several dozen products, which enabled the firm’s net worth to increase several fold. As Senior Director of New Product Innovation for the Wm. Wrigley Jr. Company, Mr. Kehoe coordinated the ideation and rapid prototype development of next generation products. At Nabisco, Mr. Kehoe developed or co-developed the successful launches of numerous consumer products that have maintained strong market presence for over a decade. He has also written research papers and reports related to various topics, such as functional and medical foods, dietary supplements, OTC drugs, homeopathic remedies, and innovative drug/actives delivery systems.

Jonathan Hall / Chief Financial Officer

Mr. Hall has over 25 years of experience in product innovation, strategic planning, product development, and managing emerging businesses. Mr. Hall has broad experience in all aspects of product innovation from managing venture capital funds, developing new product concepts and managing start-up companies. In addition to consumer products, Mr. Hall has helped develop new products in financial services, software, and business services. Prior to founding Dreamspan, Mr. Hall held senior management positions for CDR Advisors, Security Pacific Venture Capital Group, and Wm. Wrigley Jr. Company. As President of CDR Advisors, Mr. Hall directed a broad range of new product development, corporate repositioning, raising equity capital, and strategic planning projects. As Vice President of Security Pacific Venture Capital Group, he helped found and grow their highly successful participating loan program. This venture capital program evolved into one of the largest and most successful financial institution venture capital programs in the country. Mr. Hall has secured or managed over $300 million in capital for new business development. He received his M.B.A. from Stanford Graduate School of Business and a B.A. in Economics from Harvard University. He was selected the “Outstanding Graduate Student in Marketing” by the American Marketing Association.

Cecile Kehoe / Chief Operating Officer

Mrs. Kehoe has a diverse background in both operations and the technical management area of the food and drug industries in both large and small companies. She has proven skills in organization and leadership of projects that have result in cost reductions, process improvements, and efficient utilization of assets. Prior to founding the company, Mrs. Kehoe was employed as Factory Manager for Wrigley Manufacturing Company; QA/Regulatory Director for GumTech International; and Senior Manager, Analytical Department, Pepsi Cola Research and Technical Services. As Factory Manager, she managed the operations of a 65,000 square foot factory that employed over 100 employees plus 50-100 temporary staff, as needed. She was selected for the Wrigley Innovation Team Award for most successful introduction of a new product in Wrigley history. Mrs. Kehoe received her M.S. in Physical Chemistry and a B.S. in Chemistry, cum laude from St. John’s University.

Ron Pannuzzo / President

Mr. Pannuzzo has over 25 years of experience in brand development, corporate image building, and design and new product development. Ron brings extraordinary creative talent to the branding process. He works with marketing directors and company founders to create unique and engaging product names, packaging and brand strategies that dramatically enhance product sales and market presence. Several of his brand efforts have contributed to a 3 to 5 times increase in shareholder value. Mr. Pannuzzo has been recognized by many of the advertising industries top professionals and was named to Adweek Magazines Creative All-star Team. He has received over 65 Addy Awards and his work has been reproduced in the New York Art Directors Annual, Print Magazine, and The Phoenix Society Prisma Awards. Mr. Pannuzzo has provided design and brand development services for: The Wrigley Company, Kimberly-Clark, Disney, Doubletree Resorts, Carefree Resorts, Vodavi Technology, Gum Tech International, Right Management Consultants, Barbosal, Microtest, Eco-Dent, Albuquerque Convention & Visitors Bureau, and Big Brothers Big Sisters.